The Keys family is:

Phillip M, Keys and his wife Kathryn V'Norma Keys née Medcraft.

Phillip M. Keys has three sons Phillip Edward, Christopher Joseph and Timothy John Keys.

Kathyrn V. Keys has three sons David, Donald and Dale Linebarger.

Phillip E. Keys is married to Kae Keys née Matsushita. Their daughter is Leika Keys.

Christopher J. Keys is married to Nina Keys née Gee. Their daughters are Amanda and Alaina Keys.

Timothy J. Keys is married to Christiane Abel. Their son is Nicolas Keys.

David Linebarger is married to Jacque Mesecher. Their daughters are Emily and Anne.

Donald Linebarger is married to Jackie Bathauer.

Dale Linebarger has a son Stephen Linebarger. His sons are Ethan and Mason.


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